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      For my entire career, I've continued to evolve my understanding of skin and it's complex healing process.  At Inception Studios we use a far more modern, medical grade bandaging, never that old saran wrap "bandage" that studios have been using for the past 30 years.  We use a special type of adhesive skin wrap known as Tegaderm.  Its a protective covering that you can leave on for multiple days at a time, and it requires almost no work from you at all.  Unfortunately, Tegaderm is still quite expensive for us, meaning that most studios are choosing not to use it yet and they'll continue to offer clients the cheaper alternatives.  Some types of bandaging are proven to be very bad for tattoo healing, yet so many artists will still use them unknowingly.  Below are the instructions that we offer our clients who have had the Tegaderm applied to their brand new tattoo.  IMPORTANT: we will always strongly recommend you follow your artist's personal instructions before consulting these. (click to enlarge or download)

Aftercare Instructions -  tegaderm.jpg
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