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Marilyn Monroe - upper arm
Einstein - Inner right arm
indian - right upper arm
gore - right forearm
portrait left elbow
dagger heart - right arm
skull owl - left forearm
rose ring - right forearm
audrey hepburn - upper right arm
leopard - upper left arm
dog - zippy - upper right arm
lilly - right shoulder
viking - upper left arm
cat skull - back right calf
pirate - left forearm
heart mom - left side thigh
orchids - upper left arm
flower tulip - left arm
skull - left shoulder
skull color - forearm
dandelions - right rib cage
lilies - right rib cage
dog - tennessee - back right calf
pink asterid - left shoulderblade
ben franklin - right forearm
sponge bob - right leg
lilies - right rib cage
evil dead - right back calf
family honor - right shoulderblade
dear - forearm
colt .45 bluntline special - thigh
majora's mask - left foot

            Thanks so much for coming to see my work. My name is Myk and I'm 34 years old, and I've been in this industry since 2002.  I originally apprenticed to be a Professional Body Piercer, when i began my career, but after a few years of grab-and-stab, i transitioned to being a full time artist. Body Piercing was a great learning experience, but at the end of the day, I didn't have the passion for it.  That, and the fact that after dealing with a million teenage girls with infected belly buttons on a daily basis, i realized it wasn't for me.  There was no sense of creativity and pride in that line of work.  So, I apprenticed once again, only this time for Tattooing.  Now, many years later, I've developed a wide range of styles that i continue to infuse into my portfolio. My favorite/preferred style of tattooing, however, is realism and portraiture art. 

        My first experience of getting tattooed was super uncomfortable and disappointing.  That seems to be true for a lot of you as well.  I was 15 years old, and nervous.  The artist sat me in this open area where all the other clients and walk-ins could see me there with my shirt off, in pain!  The artist didn't offer any advice on stylizing or improving the design, he just told me the price and had me sit down.  He didn't shake my hand or ask my name, and spent the majority of the time flirting with my sister...  i remember another artist a few feet away smoking a cigarette, and when I started to get light-headed, he just laughed and gave me shit about it. Needless to say, I never went back and certainly didn't recommend that guy to anyone else.  It was years before i got another one.  To this day i think, if he wouldn't have been the asshole that he was, then I wouldn't have been so motivated to improve the industry.  When i got into this, I had this vision of a tattooing industry that could be far more comfortable, enjoyable, and simpler for anyone.  At the very least, I new that if I was just friendly and welcoming to clients, that they would leave with a much better story to tell than the story of my first tattoo.   So if you're sick of going to studios where the artists are rude, dismissive and short with you, or you're sick of getting over charged for mediocre work, then I'd love to have a chance to change your mind about this industry.   I genuinely enjoy this, and i like meeting new people everyday.  Currently, I work at Inception Studios, in White Bear Lake, so stop by for a free consultation in person and we'll get started on your idea.  Right Now. Why wait?    :)


No Appointment needed for a free consultation! Just stop by anytime, or feel free to text/call for info  ;)

Monday       - CLOSED
Tuesday      - 12pm - 8pm
Wednesday - 12pm - 8pm
Thursday     - 12pm - 8pm
Friday          - 12pm - 8pm
Saturday      - 12pm - 8pm
Sunday        - CLOSED

How To Get Tattooed By Me

       To book an appointment, you should first do a consultation with me.  This is where we will go over all the details of the design you are wanting.  Details such as the Size, Placement on your body, Coloring, the Tattoo Style, your Budget, and the price recommendation.  To do a consultation, you can choose to do it over the phone via texting or phone call, but I strongly suggest we do the consult in person, at the studio.  Discussing your idea face to face will always result in a better design, and in some cases, such as sleeves or portraits, i will require a private consult in person.

        Click below if you'd like to see my appointment book and check what days I'm available.

       To book an appointment requires a small deposit ($40 - $80) to reserve time with the artist.  You are welcome to book an appointment for yourself and place a deposit by clicking the button below, but be sure to do a consultation before booking an appointment!


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It's best to come to the studio in person to do a free consult and get a price quote!
(to get pricing information and custom artwork designed, you MUST come in person)


Inception Studios

Professional Modern Tattooing
1977 Whitaker St, White Bear Lake, MN 55110



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